Jean Monnet Chair: DEEY

About the project

Jean Monnet Chair: Democratic Education of the European Youth 2023-2026


Jean Monnet Chair project “DEEY” that was awarded to the Alexander Dubček University in Trenčin is based on years-long interest of its holder, prof. dr. Uroš Pinterič in development of the modern democracy and its connection to the younger generations. According to the rules of the project it consists of three courses that will be provided by the chair and two guest lecturers at the Department of Political Science of Alexander Dubček University in Trenčin. Doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Mihálik, vice-dean at Faculty of Social Sciences at University of SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava (Slovakia) and prof. dr. Diana-Camelia Iancu, dean of Faculty of Public Administration at National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (Romania).


Course 1: Critical History of Democracy

1. Conceptualisation of political regimes

2. Aristotle and early political system analysis

3. Machiavelli and two-fold reading of „the Prince“

4. Orwell‘s „1984“ and modern world

5. Types of democracy

6. Demos Kratein and elitism

7. Ideologisation of democracy

8. Borders of democracy

9. Decay of democratic values and non-conscious society

Course 2: Transitions of Democracy

1. Democracy vs. Tyranny

2. Democratic stanards

3. Democracy and human rights

4. Democracy and corruption

5. Illusion of free choice

6. democratic transition and transition of democracy

7. Cultural frame of democracy

8. Erosion of democracy in western civilisation

9. Golden standard and non-conscious society

Course 3: Democracy and State Education of the Youth

1. Democratic education for youth

2. Democratic participation

3. Power of the argument an argument of the power

4. Human rights for the youth

5. Inclusive political systems

6. Participation and rebelion

7. Goal-keepers

8. Public politicies

9. European youth between voice and exit

Next to the students who are oblige to participate, all other students are welcome to select these three courses as well.


Project additionally includes preparation of a scientific monograph on the topic of democracy in contemporary world and a conference on youth and democracy, which should take place in 2026.