Political Science - Rigorous procedure

Political Science - Rigorous Procedure



Deadlines for submission of thesis: by 31 October (autumn), until 28 February (spring time)

The term of the rigorous examination: within six months from the end of the term for the submission of a rigorous thesis; at the latest one month before the rigorous examination, the Rector shall notify the applicant in writing of the place and date of the rigorous examination

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Pursuant to Section 53 of Article 9 of Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and on the completion of certain laws, graduates of higher education institutions who have obtained the magister (master-level) degree in a political science or related field of study may undergo a rigorous examination in the study field of political science. An integral part of the rigorous exam is also the defense of rigorous thesis.

After successful completion of the rigorous examination, Trencin University of Alexander Dubcek in Trencin will award the successful candidate the academic title "Doctor of Philosophy", in short "PhDr."

During rigorous exam and defense of rigorous thesis that is part of a rigorous exam, the candidate has to prove that based on his / her own study, he / she has deeper knowledge in the field of study in its broader background and is capable of autonomously acquiring new knowledge of science and practice and is able to acquire knowledge creatively apply in practice.

The Rigorous Exam is public and begins with the defense of a rigorous thesis, in which the candidate expresses his / her comments on the opponent's opinions and answers the questions of the members of the Commission. The Rigorous Exam continues with an oral exam of two subjects.

Fee for rigorous procedure: 350 €

A confirmation of payment of a fee for the activities associated with the rigorous examination is a condition for participation in the rigorous examination.


Fee to cover the costs of securing a diploma: € 95

Upon successful completion of the rigorous exam, the applicant is required to pay the financial costs associated with securing the awarding of the academic degree and the promotion, not later than 14 days after the successful completion of the rigorous examination.


The applicant enters the rigorous procedure by handing in the completed application and handing over the documents of completed Master's degree in Political Science or in a related field.


The applicant is required to submit independently written thesis within 18 months of filing the application - it is submitted in 3 copies. In the event of unsuccessful thesis submitting, this process is terminated.


The work is evaluated by two evaluators: in the case of two negative assessments, the work is returned for processing (the applicant has the right to one repair variant under the conditions below).


In the case of a failure to pass a rigorous exam, the candidate has the right to one do-over term when paying a 50% of the fee for a rigorous procedure. The applicant will pay 50% of the fee even if the thesis returns to the processing. In the event of a failure in a rigorous exam or in the case of repeted negative judgments by both opponents, the continuation is terminated without obtaining the title.

For the academic year 2016/2017, the following topics are addressed:

political system (development, history, structure)
real politics (social policy, parliamentary parties, electoral systems)
social development (current structure, transformation process)
international relations
personalities in politics (focus on their political activities, not their biography)


The conditions for passing a rigorous exam will be:

Submitting a rigorous work in the range of 60 - 80 pages and at least 1 positive report (out of 2 possible).
In the case of 1 negative opinion, the defense is held. If both testimonials are negative, the work needs to be rewritten and the rigorous exam is postponed.
Passing a rigorous examination in subjects:

1. D
efinition Theory
2. Political Thinking in the Industrial Era



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